While you are studying at Murdoch there are opportunities for senior students or professionals working in your chosen field to support you through mentoring.

Be mentored by an industry expert

The Murdoch Industry Mentoring program aims to make connections between students and professionals to make lasting and meaningful mentorships. This provides you with a relationship to gain insight into your industry, develop career-relevant skills, and prepare for the transition into the workplace.

Murdoch Student Emerging Leaders program

The Murdoch Guild and Murdoch University encourage and support students to engage with the community and actively work on career development. Murdoch Student Emerging Leaders program provides students with mentoring from alumni and professional mentors. Students can work in interdisciplinary teams to complete projects for local not-for-profit community partners.

Murdoch EDGE

Murdoch EDGE launched on 14 October 2019 helps Murdoch students to acquire entrepreneurship and employability skills gaining a competitive “edge” before entering the workforce.

Students who wish to book any career coaching services or search for internship and full-time opportunities, please drop us an email at Murdoch.Edge@kaplan.com.

Location: 8 Wilkie Rd, Wilkie Edge, #02-206, Singapore 228095.


For personalised support and advice, contact myMurdoch Advice.

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