Murdoch offers a range of general and specialised computer labs suitable for individual, collaborative and class work. These can all be booked via Resource Booker.

In addition to desktop computers, each computer lab offers:

  • internet access
  • printer
  • various software applications.

See computer labs available at:

Perth campus

LocationAvailable toComputersHours
122.2.022All students316am–6pm
122.2.023All students316am–6pm
LocationAvailable toComputersHours
220.1.002Engineering students86am–6pm
220.2.009Engineering students66am–6pm
LocationAvailable toComputersHours
235.3.032All students2824 hours
235.3.034All students6024 hours
LocationAvailable toComputersHours
245.3.001All students106am–6pm
245.3.038All students216am–6pm
245.3.062 – Mixed and Augmented Reality Studio (MaARS)IT, maths and statistics students186am–6pm
245.3.063 – Cyber-Security and Networking LaboratoryIT, maths and statistics students186am–6pm
245.3.064 – Cyber-Security and Networking LaboratoryIT, maths and statistics students186am–6pm
LocationAvailable toComputersHours
250.3.108All students176am–6pm
LocationAvailable toComputersHours
340.2.010 – Renewable Energy LabEngineering students156am–6pm
340.2.026 – Science LabEngineering students176am–6pm
340.2.027 – Science LabEngineering students136am–6pm
340.2.028 – Science LabEngineering students86am–6pm
340.2.029 – Science LabEngineering students56am–6pm
340.2.033 – Science LabEngineering students46am–6pm
340.3.024 – Science LabEngineering students206am–6pm
340.3.025 – Science LabEngineering students176am–6pm
LocationAvailable toComputersHours
350.2.006All students2724 hours
350.2.010All students2624 hours
LocationAvailable toComputersHours
351.2.002 – GCL1All students3224 hours
LocationAvailable toComputersHours
354.1.009 – Silent LabAll students116am–6pm
354.1.015 – Training LabAll students (when not used for training)186am–6pm
LocationAvailable toComputersHours
450.2.042 – Media Arts Lab 1Creative media, arts and design students156am–6pm
450.3.028 – Media Arts Lab 3Creative media, arts and design students196am–6pm
450.3.077All students206am–6pm
450.3.080 – Media Arts Lab 4Creative media, arts and design students156am–6pm
450.3.084All students466am–6pm
450.4.035All students206am–6pm
LocationAvailable toComputersHours
460.2.039 – Cisco labIT, maths and statistics students196am–6pm
460.2.044 – Cisco labIT, maths and statistics students216am–6pm
460.2.046All students216am–6pm
460.4.034All students156am–6pm
LocationAvailable toComputersHours
465.1.110All students256am–6pm
465.2.116All students206am–6pm
LocationAvailable toComputersHours
490.2.050Kulbardi students206am–6pm

Mandurah campus

LocationAvailable toComputersHours
100.1.037All students246am–6pm
Location Available to Computers Hours
101.1.024 All students 20 6am–6pm

Rockingham campus

Location Available to Computers Hours
103.1.009 All students 21 6am–6pm
103.1.010 All students 20 24 hours


Find advice and troubleshooting guides on Microsoft Support.

If you can’t find what you are looking for, contact IT Services.

Access and bookings

Most labs are open 6am-6pm, with some available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Conditions of use

You must abide by the IT Conditions of Use Policy when accessing the labs.