When you enrol at Murdoch you are provided with a free email account. Your email address uses your student ID in the format studentID@student.murdoch.edu.au.

Email is the primary means of communication for important announcements and messages, including exam information.

Access email online

You can also access your Murdoch emails through Microsoft Outlook or any other email client. See the email setup guide for instructions.

You can change your preferred email address for University communication in MyInfo. Postgraduate students can request an alias in the format firstname.surname@murdoch.edu.au.

Email size limits

TypeMaximum size
Mailbox (total storage)50GB
Email (including attachments)50MB

Attachments larger than 20MB should be shared using a file sharing service such as OneDrive. You can retrieve deleted emails for up to thirty days.


Find advice and troubleshooting guides on Microsoft Support.

If you can’t find what you are looking for, contact IT Services.