Access to Murdoch’s IT systems is tied to your enrolment. This means that as long as you are enrolled in the current teaching period (e.g. semester or trimester) you will be able to log in to the systems you need.

You can log in to most Murdoch systems and services with your student ID.

After your enrolment period you can still log in to myInfo to see your past results, order documents and update your contact details, if you were enrolled after 1997.

When your access is removed

Your access to systems such as myMurdoch Learning and Office 365, which includes your email and OneDrive folder, will be removed when you are no longer studying at Murdoch. This will happen:

  • immediately if you withdraw from all your current units, for example you are taking leave or withdrawing from university
  • 50 days after the end of the teaching period if you do not re-enrol
  • 30 days after the end of your final teaching period if you are graduating.

You need to export any documents or emails you wish to keep before your access expires.

If you haven’t re-enrolled within the 50 day window but wish to continue studying at Murdoch, contact Student Central or make an enquiry in AskMurdoch.


Find advice and troubleshooting guides on Microsoft Support.

If you can’t find what you are looking for, contact IT Services.