Work Integrated Learning programs

Murdoch University is committed to preparing its graduates to be highly productive members of the workforce of the future. The University views the opportunity for its students to take part in some form of work-related experience as an essential form of learning integral to each of our courses. The Work Integrated Learning (WIL) Program seeks to provide an important learning experience for students, while allowing them to demonstrate their graduate skills to employers.


Murdoch University is seeking to ensure that all undergraduate students have the opportunity to access Work Integrated Learning (WIL) units during their studies. These units give you the opportunity to learn how to integrate theory with the practice of the workplace.

WIL has also been recognised as an important way in which you develop other transferable skills that help make the transition from university to the workplace. These include a better understanding of workplace culture, how to work well in a team, leadership and initiative-taking, effective workplace communication, interpersonal skills and self-confidence.

The opportunity to include WIL experiences on your resume may provide you with a competitive edge over other graduates when it comes to finding employment. Relevant experience in your chosen career path may also assist you in establishing a network of contacts and developing career strategies.

There are different types of WIL activities that you might experience, depending on your discipline, and the number of WIL units offered will vary between different courses. In some degree programs WIL, and work placements in particular, are a required component of your major, usually connected to accreditation requirements.

In many courses, there is an opportunity to undertake either an industry project or a work placement as part of a specifically designed elective unit, usually in your final year. To find out about these options in your degree program, contact one of the student advisors in your school or the academic co-ordinator for your major.

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