Where a Final Assessment Item is an Examination, deferment may be granted when circumstances beyond the student’s control prevent a student from completing the examination at its scheduled date and time.

Applying for deferred final assessment - examinations

Application for Deferment of Final Assessment - Examination can only be requested for the grounds listed Schedule 2, Tables 1 and 2 of the Assessment Accommodations Procedure. 

Your application must be submitted within three University Working Days of the date of the scheduled Examination. Completed Applications will be processed from Week 13 of the given teaching period. Deferred assessment will be scheduled during the standard deferred examination period.

Application for extension or change of due date for all other assessments, including  Supplementary Assessment items, must be sent to the Unit Coordinator directly.

If you are completing your final units in Semester 2 and have deferred final assessment - Examination approved, your results will not be released in time for the February/March graduation ceremony, but you will be eligible for the next ceremony round.

How to apply

  1. Download a Deferred Assessment Application form, or collect one from Student Central, or the Mandurah campus Administration Office.
  2. Complete the form and attach your supporting documentation(s).
    • The application must include current independent supporting evidence. Please refer to Schedule 2, Tables 1 and 2 for suggested list of independent supporting evidence of each of the grounds.
    • Supporting evidence must be in English or officially translated and notarised.
  3. Submit the completed application no later than three University business days of the date of the scheduled Examination:

The outcome of your application will be emailed to the address on MyInfo.  Incomplete application with no supporting documents will not be processed.

When your application will be approved

Your application will be approved if the grounds and supporting documentation meet the requirements as assessed by the Exams Office.

You will receive an approval email which will include details of the deferral and an interim unit grade of “DX” will be shown as your result for the unit. 

You must be available throughout all exam periods (including supplementary and deferred) to attend your exam(s) at the required time, date and location.

When your application will be denied

Your application will be denied if:

  • the application does not meet the grounds listed in Schedule 2, Tables 1 and 2 from the Assessment Accommodations Procedure or
  • you did not include current independent supporting evidence with your application or
  • you have already sat the exam.

The email will explain why the application has been denied and the appeal process.

Unable to sit for the deferred examination

If you are unable to undertake a deferred Examination at the scheduled date and time due to the ground(s) listed in Schedule 2, Tables 1 and 2 and have current independent supporting evidence, you may submit a second Deferral of Final Assessment – Examination. The second application can be for the same or different reason as the first application.

You may only apply for two deferments for a particular Unit in a particular teaching period.  The second Deferral of a Final Assessment - Examination will be undertaken no more than 20 University Working Days from the approval of the second deferment, excluding any University limited-service period.

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