The student services and amenities fee (SSAF) is a fee charged by higher education providers within Australia to help with student services and facilities that aren’t directly linked to your studies.

At Murdoch, we use SSAF funds to provide and expand on services which enhance your university experience, including health and counselling services, careers and employment advice, sport and recreation facilities, and much more.

The amount you’ll pay depends on if you’re a full or part-time student, and which campus you study at. Eligible domestic students can defer this payment with an SA-HELP loan. For payment options see paying your fees.

Singapore and Dubai students do not need to pay the SSAF.

2024 student services and amenities fee

Course enrolmentPart-time fee per half yearFull-time fee per half year
(For students studying 9 points or more)
Murdoch campus$87.50$175.50
Mandurah/Rockingham campus$65.50$131.50
Fully external$43.50$43.50

How the fee is spent

Murdoch University has a formal process of consultation with the Murdoch Student Guild, with both the President and General Manager of the Guild sitting on the SSAF Committee.

The Murdoch Student Guild is a democratically elected body through which you can provide your voice to how SSAF is spent.

The SSAF is not a fee for Guild membership. The Guild has been the primary student voice in deciding how to allocate the SSAF funds, and will provide a range of services (such as education and welfare assistance, club support, campus events and sports and recreation) as outlined in SSAF legislation. Additionally, the Guild receives 50% of the SSAF to provide a range of services for Murdoch University students. In recognition of the financial cost of SSAF, Guild membership is free for all students.

The priorities for the University expenditure consists of supporting:

  • health and counselling services;
  • sports and recreation;
  • Esports;
  • welfare; and
  • projects as submitted and approved by the SSAF Committee to improve the quality of your University experience.

If you have relevant projects, please contact the Chief Financial Officer for more information on whether your project may be considered for funding and how to apply.

See how SSAF funds were allocated in previous years:

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