Support services and advice for friends and loved ones

If you have concerns about a student, you may want to refer them to our Counselling Service.

How to help

If you have urgent concerns regarding a student you can contact us during our opening hours (Monday to Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm). It may also be appropriate to enquire whether the student is already linked to a mental health service and direct them to that service, if possible.

If you are unsure how to approach a friend or student you are concerned about, we have some guidelines to help you:

  • Ask if you can speak to them privately.
  • Have a genuine, non-judgemental conversation with them to share your concerns. Tell them what you have noticed about their behaviour. For example, “I’ve noticed that you look a little withdrawn in class” or “I’ve noticed that your engagement in the unit has changed. Is everything ok?”
  • You can direct the student to our website for information that might be helpful to them. For example, “Do you know that Murdoch University Counselling has a website with resources about dealing with stress?”.
  • You may also suggest they consider individual counselling.

If a student is already engaged with another community mental health service, it is usually appropriate that they stay engaged with the existing service.

Some students may not feel ready to attend counselling, or they may not want to engage in counselling. Usually, people find the most benefit from counselling when they are motivated and ready to engage in the counselling process.

There are brochures available at the Counselling Service. Contact us if you would like copies to distribute to students.

More support services

For more information on services and resources available to help someone in a mental health crisis, see our resources or where else to get help.