Australia Awards is a distinguished program offering study opportunities to the next generation of global leaders. Murdoch has hosted Australia Awards recipients from across the globe, and we are proud to support you during your time here.

Australia Awards recipients studying at Murdoch University are entitled to customised supports designed to help you get the best out of your experience. It begins with a 4-week Initial Academic Program, introducing you to Perth and studying at Murdoch University.

Dedicated student support

As an Australia Awards recipient, you will have a nominated staff member who will be your student contact officer (SCO) during your time at Murdoch.

If you have any questions about your entitlements or benefits, life at Murdoch or the support services that are available to Australia Awards recipients studying at Murdoch, contact your SCO.

Reunion travel and family visits

Depending on the length of your studies, if you did not come to Australia with your family, you may be entitled to reunion travel at the end of each academic year. Contact your SCO to confirm your entitlement and seek approval at least 45 days prior to travel.

If you would like to have family accompany you in Australia after you have completed your first six months of study, you can contact your SCO. If any family members intend to temporarily visit you during your studies you need a no objection letter from your SCO.

Supplementary academic support

All Australia Award Scholarship recipients are entitled to supplementary academic support, which consists of additional tutoring or proof reading during your studies.


During your studies you may qualify for a reimbursement of personal funds for items such as the costs of attending or presenting at a conference, or a disability support agreement.

Please consult with your SCO regarding reimbursements before incurring any charges.

Returning Home

As you prepare to return home, there are academic and non-academic tasks to take care of to ensure a smooth transition after your Australia Awards funded study.

This process will take some time, so ensure you plan and allocate enough time to close off and give notice on accommodation, banking, utility providers, etc.

We have put together a handy checklist for leaving Perth which lists major tasks you will need to complete prior to returning home.

Key tasks

  • Contact your SCO to request your flights at least 45 days prior to travel.
  • Contact the Careers and Employment Centre – You may be going back to your previous job, or you may have given up your job to study with us. Our Careers and Employment Centre can help prepare you for the transition back to your home country, including how to demonstrate the knowledge and skills you have obtained while studying at Murdoch University.
  • Contact Murdoch University Counselling Service – Returning home can be a large adjustment for many students. The Murdoch University Counselling Service can help prepare you for upcoming transition.
  • Attend your farewell event – As your Murdoch University journey comes to an end, you will be invited to attend a farewell event. You will receive your invitation and further information close to the time.

Share your experience

The end of your time studying in Perth doesn’t have to be the end of your relationship with Murdoch.

If you had a great time at Murdoch University, we hope you spread the word when you get home. You could:

  • Share your experience to encourage others to come to Murdoch and Australia in general.
  • Build your network with visiting international students at your own university to help them enjoy your own home country.
  • Post your photos and thoughts on social media or start a blog to sustain the friendships you made while overseas and keep your memories somewhere to look back on.

Student contact officers

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