Make the most of your Winter or Summer Term

Join an Internship in New York, study fashion in Milan or volunteer with the elephants in Thailand! 

Why not volunteer or undertake an internship or study tour to gain professional experience? Take a look at our vast range of third-party providers and find a program that excites you.

Talk to your academic chair to find out if you can get credit towards your degree (perhaps for a ‘general elective’). Some of our programs might also cater for the MSP201 Real World Learning unit.

If you are eligible, you will be able to fund your overseas experience with an OS-HELP loan, which will be added towards your HECS debt. 

To apply, you should follow the instructions and deadlines with our third-party providers below.

Third party providers

ACICIS runs study programs in a range of disciplines including Indonesian language, journalism, development, business, law, creative arts, agriculture, sustainable tourism and international relations.
CISaustralia is dedicated to providing university students with innovative, high quality, short-term overseas study, intern and volunteer experiences for academic credit, while promoting global awareness, inspiring personal growth, and developing engaged world citizens.
Challenges Abroad help students develop their skillset and grow as individuals, whilst creating unforgettable experiences! As a social enterprise we are committed providing to ethical experiences that have a long-term impact and are mutually beneficial to both our participants and the communities where we work.
Ecolife Expeditions offer exciting hands-on, in depth educational expeditions to students and professionals in wildlife conservation and veterinary science. Anyone with a keen interest in wildlife conservation - come and enjoy a behind-the-scenes experience with us!
International Internships organise internships and study intensives in Indonesia, for Australian university students across all subject areas. Our programs focus on meaningful, real-world challenges.
Nineteen Degrees are an Australian based social enterprise, providing exceptional quality international community health placements for Australian Universities.
Projects Abroad aims to empower people to explore the world, experience different cultures, and truly understand the specific issues in the places they visit.
People & Friends are a service provider for Experiential Learning Programs & Workshops with a focus on Entrepreneurship.

HEX Innovation Programs are the simplest first step to launching your next move. Creating a startup, learning new tech jargon, or levelling up your impact leadership.

The Intern Group offers in-person, remote, and digital nomad internship programs which offer different benefits, but all include 24/7 support, career advancement training, access to professional development materials, and more.
Today’s professionals need more than just a degree and solid grades. By doing an Unbound program you get to learn and apply skills in observation, ideation, prototyping, validation and decision making. 
Megan Ogle - ACICIS
Studying and interning in Indonesia was one of my university highlights. Experiencing a new culture for six weeks was amazing and I would happily study abroad again!
Megan Ogle, Indonesia