Honours students cannot self enrol into units. You must complete an honours program of study form in consultation with your supervisor. Once approved, you need to submit it to MyAnswers and your enrolment will be updated.

If you have completed this as part of your honours application, this will be sent to our enrolments team for processing after you have accepted your offer.

If you are applying for Psychology Honours, you do not need to submit an honours program of study yet. This will be completed during your orientation sessions. Contact your honours academic chair for more information.

Postgraduate research degrees

Once you have accepted your offer you will be sent an enrolment form. If your research degree includes a coursework component, you will need to complete the ‘unit details’ section in consultation with your supervisors. All unit enrolments are managed by the Graduate Research Office.

Get advice

You can get specific advice regarding your enrolment during Orientation Week.

If you can’t attend your orientation session, you can seek help from myMurdoch Advice student success advisors, or by contacting your academic chair.