Preparing for graduation

Finishing off your final units? Don’t miss out on your opportunity to celebrate the end of your studies. Find out what you need to do to graduate and confirm whether you want to attend a ceremony.

You need to have graduated before you can attend a ceremony. Here’s what you need to do to make sure you are eligible to graduate:

  1. Confirm your course completion date

    Make sure your course completion date is correct. Log in to MyInfo > Course details to check or change your course completion date.

  2. Confirm your contact details

    In MyInfo, check your personal details are up to date so we can contact you with important information about graduating and your ceremony.

  3. Pay outstanding fees and fines

    Your graduation and attendance at a ceremony may be delayed if you have any outstanding fees or fines. You must let the Graduations Office know once you have made payment.

Receiving your documents

Once you have completed all the requirements and your graduation is approved, your course status will show as 'Completed'. You are now a graduand until you receive your graduation package, containing:

  • Testamur: your degree, diploma or certificate
  • Statement of Academic Record: a record of your studies at Murdoch, including details of your completed course as well as your completed majors and minors.

Wait until your graduation is confirmed before ordering your original or additional documents. Documents ordered before your course status is marked as ‘Completed’ and your graduation has been confirmed will be incomplete, and will not be replaced free of charge.

Your name will be shown according to the order recorded on MyInfo, in standard or reverse format:

  • standard format: Given Names Surname, for example, John James Smith
  • reverse format: Surname Given Names, for example, Smith John James.

If your name is incorrect or incomplete, you will need to submit documents (passport or birth certificate) confirming your correct name to Student Central. You can confirm your attendance at a ceremony even if you are making a name change to your document.

You can choose whether you want to receive your documents at a graduation ceremony or have them posted to you. They will be sent by registered post to your postal address on MyInfo, so it is important to confirm that your details are up to date.

If you are unable to attend a ceremony, you can watch live streams of the graduation ceremonies.

Find out more about attending a ceremony

Graduation enquiries

For questions about your enrolment or graduation eligibility contact Student Central

Call us Australia:
1300 6873 624

Call us International:
+61 8 9360 6000

 Contact us online MyAnswers

Ceremony enquiries

For questions about the Perth and Dubai ceremonies, email the Graduations Office

Questions regarding the Singapore ceremonies should be directed to Kaplan

Be aware we can experience technical difficulties sending emails to web based email addresses such as Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo.