When you enrol in units from other universities this is called outbound cross institutional enrolment.

If you request approval before enrolling at the host university you may be able to have the units credited to your Murdoch degree.

You can complete a maximum of two-thirds of your Murdoch award requirement at another institution. In the case of an Honours award, the maximum you may complete at the other institution is six points, or one-quarter, of a 24-point Murdoch award requirement.

Request approval

  1. Download the cross institutional enrolment request form and complete the sections relevant to you.
  2. Meet with your academic chair to seek approval and ask them to complete the relevant section of the request form.
  3. Submit the signed and completed form in My Answers or at Student Central. Once approved, the form will be returned to you via your student email.
  4. Apply to enrol at the host university – you will need the signed and approved application form and a copy of your latest Commonwealth Assistance Notice. You will need to enrol and pay fees to the host institution. Enrolment approval from Murdoch does not guarantee you will be accepted by the host institution.

Provide your academic transcript

The grade achieved at the other institution will be shown on your Murdoch academic transcript as a comment. Your results will be recorded as either an Ungraded Pass (UP) or a Fail (N). You must provide the original or a certified copy of your academic transcript, with your results from the host university, through My Answers or at Student Central for it to be included on your student record.

Get advice

You can get specific advice regarding your enrolment during Orientation Week.

If you can’t attend your orientation session, you can seek help from myMurdoch Advice student success advisors, or by contacting your academic chair.